The undoubted advantage of Braniborska 44 is the easy access to many cultural and entertainment facilities, public transport and green areas. A walk to the Old Town Square will take only 20 minutes on foot. The access to the public transport system will be provided by the nearby tram and bus stops. The convenient road system will also allow quick access to other parts of the city by car.

New urban order
Free time

Revitalized area of the centre

Braniborska street , which is a part of a former Szczepin housing estate, will become one of the most interesting and fashionable places in Wrocław in the years to come. The planned revitalization of the former railway area around Świebodzki railway station, involves the creation of a modern residential and office district, which will enrich the area with a new infrastructure.

The plan involves the creation of a two completely new streets and the re-opening of Świebodzki station, which will serve the passengers of the suburban railway lines.

Caring for your comfort

The close proximity of the centre will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding clients. The location will provide convenient access to the cultural heart of Wrocław as well as promote an active way of spending time.

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Green areas for active people

Near the investment there are numerous footpaths and cycle paths located along the city moat and the Odra river bed. It is a dream place to live for people who value an active lifestyle.

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